Intuitive Healing at The Intuitive Sight.

Lindsay is the founder and clinical director of Wellbody Chicago, but also is the founder and healing director ofThe Intuitive Sight; where you can find all things soul – and dig in deep to your soul. Lindsay offers intuitive healing, readings, and coaching. 


Lindsay Goodwin is a gifted Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Channel in the Chicagoland area. She is celebrated for her vast knowledge, connection, and research in the esoterics, energy medicine, and spirituality. Lindsays’ primary focus is always about YOU and guiding you to your true power! 

Many clients over the years have stated that one session with Lindsay is like years of traditional therapy. If you’re ready to get clarity and step into your power, Lindsay will guide you to balance!

The Intuitive Sight is for you! Lindsay has a unique way of connecting with your soul and digging deep into your subconscious self, where you may have blocks holding you back from your highest potential. Also, Lindsay is a medium channel, so she connects with your guides, angels, light beings, ancestry, and Archangels. Book your session with Lindsay & take your journey to the next level with clarity!


Lindsay is here to guide you on your journey. Lindsay uses her intuitive insights to tap into your energy field; we together can make the discovery of things to be addressed so you can move forward without resistance. We will work on a detailed plan of clearing, healing, visualization, and manifesting dreams/goals to help you move ahead to be the best you. Finding your true authentic self, life purpose, and having clarity are striking it rich – this is how we feel satisfied without void. There is no amount of money in this world that will make you happier than getting to be who you were born to be. Trust me; I firsthand know this! Taking this leap of self-investment is the BEST way to go deeper, gain clarity and insight, and feel the empowerment and inspiration you need!

Meet Lindsay Goodwin:

  • Intuitive Healer & Reader
  • Spiritual & Medium Channel
  • Medical Intuitive (not to replace medical treatment)
  • Clairvoyant & Energy Visualization
  • Soul Guide
  • Reiki Healer
  • Oracle and Tarot Card Reader
  • Success & Life Coach

Specializing In:

  • Soul readings
  • Medical intuition (not to replace medical treatment)
  • Emotional & energy clarity
  • Discovering of true-authentic-self & soul purpose
  • Cord-cutting for forgiveness & clearing
  • Tarot & oracle readings
  • Energy blocks around fertility & hormonal imbalances
  • How to clear physical pain & emotional pain
  • Dream interpretations & sleep issues
  • Subconscious blocks & connecting you with deep self-love
  • Helping you get clarity on the ego
  • Clearing old trained behaviors that are keeping you stuck
  • Connecting you with your light & higher-self
  • Synchronicity & when/how the universe is speaking to you
  • Soul coaching
  • Guide, angel, & light beings communication
  • Intuitive life coaching for a successful journey

If you would like to learn more about services at The Intuitive Sight, please visit our website. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

Love, light, and blessings 

Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., MSOM, BS
Licensed Acupuncturist 
Board-Certified Herbalist 
Integrative Natural Women’s Health & Fertility Expert
Intuitive Healer, Channel, & Coach