Intuitive Acupunture

Have you experienced the magic of Acupuncture? Intuitive Acupuncture at Wellbody Chicago is like no other you’ll ever experience. Lindsay not only uses her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biology but also uses here Clairvoyant Intuitive gifts to tune in and identify where energy is “off” in your body and spiritual emotional wellbeing. No matter what physical or emotional issue you may be experiencing – there will always be an energy component at the root cause. Work with only the BEST!

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Clairvoyant Intuitive Energy Healing

Have you been interested in digging deeper and learning more about your journey? Lindsay is here to guide you on your journey with Clairvoyant Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching. We are Your EXPERT VISIONARIES to WELLNESS on your journey! 

What is Clairvoyant Healing? Clairvoyant Healing is “clear vision”. How can Clairvoyance help you? Lindsay uses her Clairvoyant Intuitive gifts to tap into your energy field to discover things about you that could be holding you back from your true authentic self and life purpose. This is a great way to look deeper, and to find the answers you need to empower and inspire you! 

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Fertility Acupuncture, Support, and Coaching

Traditional Chinese Medicine works extremely well as a sole treatment option or integrated with biomedical fertility treatments for successful results. Lindsay takes great pride in creating successful fertility treatment plans from family planning to conception, & throughout pregnancy for a healthy pregnancy & baby. We offer gentle, compassionate, safe, integrative, & result-driven options. We have a 90% success rate!

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Herbal Medicine and Nutrition

Herbal Medicine is a natural and efficient solution for many health concerns. Usually used with Acupuncture and Nutrition, strengthen, build and support the body to clear excess or deficiency. Helpful in the treatment of fertility support, gynecological issues, menopause, anemia, headaches, acute and chronic pain, acid reflux, chemotherapy, and radiation side effects, IBS and other digestive issues, allergies, asthma, insomnia, depression, anxiety, hypertension, and much more.  A Healthy Diet is the most effective method to heal and prevent disease. A plan that is unique to your own individualized needs learn about your blood type and what foods may trigger digestive upset and other health issues. Nutrition programs centered around the ancient healing of Eastern Medicine and modern-day, manage weight, nourish the “roots – your digestion,” for health, longevity, and balance. We also offer nutritional plans for fertility and hormonal support.

Reiki Healing (coming soon)

Coming soon we will offer Reiki Healing treatments as an added healing option. What is Reiki Healing and how can it help you in your healing process? Reiki is a healing practice of channeling universal energy through the hands of the healing practitioner to the patient. This form of alternative healing is used to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Why is Reiki Healing at Wellbody Chicago different? Lindsay is Clairvoyant and has the gift of “clear seeing” to visualize where your energy is off – also known as chakras; which are the energy wheels located in the spine that ground us and help us connect to our higher selves. Stay tuned for updates on Reiki Healing sessions coming to Wellbody Chicago!  

Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy has been getting so much spotlight these days, and for a great reason! Cupping Therapy is an ancient healing practice that has been used in many cultures for thousands of years to address different health concerns. One of the most popular is for pain and tightness in the body. Often at Wellbody Chicago, we see a lot of patients requesting Cupping Therapy for back, shoulder, and neck tightness. But Cupping Therapy can also be used for a cold or flu to pull the pathogens out to get you better quicker. So, what exactly is Cupping Therapy? Cupping Therapy is the use of plastic, porcelain, or glass cups to form a suction. This suction that is created pulls stagnant blood to the surface that is causing the pain or discomfort. Why does this work? Because when we get stressed out it causes our energy “Qi” to become stuck; which creates pain and discomfort. Cupping Therapy helps move this blood to offer relief. We often use Cupping Therapy incorporated with Intuitive Acupuncture. Most of our patients feel almost 100% better after just one treatment!

Moxibustion for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Much More

Moxibustion “Moxa” is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine modality made from the herb mugwort that warms areas of the body. At Wellbody Chicago we often use Moxibustion Therapy for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Pain Management. With over 90% of our practice being Fertility and Women’s Health we often use Moxibustion Therapy for the following conditions: irregular ovulation (the warming of the herb + Acupuncture assist the body in regular ovulation), menstruation and pelvic pain associated with your cycle, and building a healthy uterine lining (endometrium). We also use Moxibustion Therapy for a breeched baby (assist the fetus to turn the right direction), and in the third trimester, we can assist in the induction process for a healthy labor. At Wellbody Chicago we are the Natural Fertility and Women’s Health Experts!