Intuitive Reiki Healing + Energy Reading at Wellbody Chicago.

At Wellbody Chicago, we are proud to offer Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing as an option for our patients. Remote Intuitive Reiki coming soon, so stay tuned.

What is Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing? Reiki is the healing technique of channeling energy through the therapist’s hands “hands-on healing” from universal healing energy (source) transferred to the patient for healing. Reiki originated in Japan and has become extremely popular as a natural healing option for many conditions. To name one, it is super relaxing! Reiki is useful for strengthening overall well-being, reducing pain, anxiety, emotional trauma, fatigue, and managing withdrawal symptoms and recovery time after surgeries or physical injuries.

Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing at Wellbody Chicago is unique because Lindsay is a psychic intuitive (clear seeing, clear knowing, clear feeling, clear hearing) and uses her energy reading gifts to identify where you need healing. During a session she will use chakra (energy centers) healing stones over chakras on your body to unblock these energy centers. When our chakras are blocked, we can experience physical pain, emotional imbalance, feeling energetically stuck, etc. In the end, Lindsay will share intuitive messages that came through during the session. This is a great way to gain clarity, unblock energy, and get the perspective you need to move forward. Lindsay will get you feeling your best!

Let Lindsay ignite your light!

Questions? Learn more about healing sessions with Lindsay.