The Wellbody Experience goes beyond just the physical part and digs in deep to healing you at the root of your energy, which is the real you. The Wellbody Experience is what we are know for. We empower high vibe women on a wellness journey for Fertility, Women’s Health, Integrative Medicine, Acupuncture, Fertility Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Intuitive Healing, and Mindset + Manifestation Mentorship. EXPERT VISIONARIES in guiding you to discover the powerful tools within yourself to manifest your dreams. Each appointment will include what we are known for; Our focus is empowering you to your healing power and fullest potential. We focus on your healing journey of mind, body, and soul connection.

New Consultation

60-75 minutes

This session is required for all new fertility, pregnancy, or women’s health clients (and patients we have not seen in more than one year), and is the start to your fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health acupuncture + intuitive wellness and Chinese Medicine treatment with us. WE DO NOT GIVE ACUPUNCTURE WITH THE NEW CONSULTATION. ACUPUNCTURE IS GIVEN AT YOUR FIRST FOLLOW-UP SESSIONWe focus on your healing journey of mind, body, and soul connection. Lindsay has several years of experience, education, certifications, and success in treating fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health. Acupuncture is a modality to our treatments, but is not our main focus when you partner with us. We spend the full time with you, listening, understanding your needs and goals, and intuitively creating a treatment plan that will give you the results you are seeking.

  • The Wellbody Experience initial fertility, pregnancy, and women’s health consultation includes initial consult, medical history, going over your fertility baselines, labs, and fertility schedules, discuss of fertility treatments and history, hormonal history, treatment goals, health history, psychic messages that may come through during the session, Chinese Medicine intake, exam and diagnosis, discussion of treatment options, intuitive fertility mindset coaching, Eastern medicine fertility nutritional recommendations, supplement recommendations and discussion, NET and emotional healing technique, meditation and grounding guidance, essential oils, healing chakra stone therapy and education, crystal stone therapy and education, and other modalities appropriate for your treatment plan.
  • We integrate with your ART: IVF/IUI/hormonal therapy schedules if you receive fertility treatments from a reproductive endocrinologist.
  • We support you during the process and increase your success rate. PLEASE NOTE: it may not be possible to add all of the different healing modalities in your treatment; Lindsay will decide what is best for your healing during your session.
  • After your initial session Lindsay will email you a detailed treatment plan to follow + her best fertility tips, fertility tracking, and related info to guide you on your journey. 

Follow-Up Session

45-60 minutes

Your follow-up fertility, women’s health, & pregnancy acupuncture + intuitive wellness session will include what we are known for; The Wellbody Experience.

  • Each follow-up session will consist of consult and check-in, assessment of progress, and discussion of any changes to your fertility treatment, including ART: IVF/IUI/hormonal therapies, intuitive acupuncture, Chinese Medicine intake, exam and diagnosis, discussion of treatment continued treatment plan, intuitive fertility mindset coaching, follow-up on Eastern medicine nutritional recommendations, meditation and grounding guidance, essential oils, healing chakra stone therapy, and other modalities appropriate for your treatment plan. We will keep you on track with your fertility journey.
  • Lindsay will also go over your fertility tracking with you to keep you on track.

Single Session


Intuitive Reiki Healing + Intuitive Psychic Reading session. Reiki uses universal healing energy to heal at a deep level, both physically and energetically. Lindsay uses her intuitive psychic skills to dig in deep to identify where you need healing to be your best!

  • During the session, Lindsay will use chakra (energy centers) healing stones over chakras on your body to unblock these energy centers. When our chakras are blocked, we can experience physical pain, emotional imbalance, feeling energetically stuck, etc.
  • At the end of the healing session, Lindsay will share intuitive psychic messages that came through during the session.
  • In addition, Lindsay uses healing crystal therapy, chakra healing, essential oils, and a clearing ceremony.
  • This is a great way to gain clarity, unblock energy, and get the perspective you need to move forward.

Single Session


Fertility Intuitive Psychic Reiki Clearing/Healing session. This session is perfect for women who are trying to conceive or have hormonal issues. Lindsay will clear stagnant energy psychically so blocks can be cleared and healed.

  • During this session, not only will energy be channeled for healing, but Lindsay will be reading your energy fields to gain insight into where you are energetically blocked. She will also clear negative and blocked energy from your energy centers with energy channeling, essential oils, healing crystals, and a clearing ceremony. Lindsay uses her intuitive psychic skills to dig in deep to identify where you need healing so you can achieve success and feel your best!
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended for fertility that several sessions be conducted to achieve the results you are looking for. Fertility issues can be deeply rooted in trauma, and this is not something that can be cleared and healed in one treatment.

Cancellation Policy & Appointment Time:

Life happens, things come up, and we do understand but if you need to cancel your appointment please let us know as soon as possible, as your appointment time has been reserved just for you.

We understand things come up, but scheduled appointments are the patients’ responsibility. Running more than 15-minutes late, we will do our best to treat you, but there is a possibility that this may forfeit your scheduled appointment time.

In addition, we do reserve the right to charge for a no-show. We do our best to remind you of your appointment time with confirmation emails and text reminders, but it is your responsibility to know when your appointment time has been scheduled for. Prompt arrival for your scheduled appointment time is much appreciated. WE CHARGE THE FULL TREATMENT AMOUNT FOR LATE CANCELS AND NO SHOWS.

Self payment: cash or credit card – we accept all major credit cards (we do not accept checks).

Flex & Health Spending accounts (FSA/HSA): can be used for Acupuncture.